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Modified Nightlase Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

• Non-Invasive

• Increases the quality of a patient's sleep

• Lessen the effects of snoring and sleep apnea

• Safe and patient-friendly treatment.

• 45-minute procedure!

Call Show Me Younger to schedule your appointment today! (573) 664-1215

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T Ptrsn
T Ptrsn
Jun 07, 2022

Paid for my son to get this expensive procedure. 3 treatments later absolutly no change in snoring

Replying to

Show Me Younger does recommend you get all of the recommended treatments along with a follow up. As we have open door policy and are always willing to discuss your results and options. You also were given Dr. Olivero's personal phone number for any concerns! T: 573.664.1215 Call to schedule your follow up appointment today!

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