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 Fractat advanced tattoo removal

The standard treatment for eliminating tattoos. It offers an effective, safe, and fast

solution for all common tattoo colors. The laser affects tattoos with a very short and

strong laser pulse that penetrates deep into the skin, without injuring the top

layers. The ink is broken up into small particles that are then naturally removed

by the body's own immune system.

FRACTAT Combined fractional ablative and Q-switched photoacoustic tattoo removal procedure. 

Standard Tattoo Removal 

In a standard tattoo removal procedure, a Q-switched laser is used to strike the tattoo pigment, which causes steam and gas to be produced and trapped under the skin. This creates a barrier known as "frosting". The frosted layer blocks any further treatments from effectively reaching the deeper pigment that is left over. 

The FracTAT Advantage

With FracTAT, micro holes are first drilled using a special fractional, ablative laser. These holes will act as chimneys for your skin. The pigment is then treated with the full beam, creating the same gases and steam from the standard treatment, however this time the microscopic chimneys allow the gases and steam to escape. 

This means you won't have the frosting effect as much as you would with a standard treatment, and also means that the laser will not be blocked from reaching the deeper pigments that are left over-- effectively allowing almost all of the pigment to be eradicated. 

Multi-Color laser for multi-color tattoos 

The Fotona StarWalker combines 4 different wavelengths in advanced, high-powered solution for tattoo removal. 

Generally, the greater the absorption of laser light in the tattoo pigment, the greater the energy available to break up the pigment, achieving greater effectiveness. 

multi color.png
tattoo removal.JPG

Tattoo Before Treatment                                                

tattoo removal after.JPG

Tattoo After First Treatment

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