1. What results are expected? Results will be beyond your expectations and are far superior than any in you will find in the industry across the board. If you are dissatisfied in any way, we will help to make you ecstatic with the final results.

  2. What shall I expect with downtime and recovery? Each procedure is different.  The surgeon and his support staff will provide you with extensive information prior to the procedure but expect none to minimal downtime and zero to minimal pain.

  3. How many procedures do you offer?  We offer over one hundred and ten life changing procedures. 

  4. How many treatments are necessary?  The amount of treatments required will vary depending on the individual and the procedure(s). 

  5. Is it safe? As with any medical treatments, safety is always paramount. We have a multi degreed surgeon that owns the Show Me Younger facility and is extremely verse in all safety procedures which is Show Me Younger’s top priority. 

  6. What credentials does your staff have?  We are owned and operated by a multi degreed medical surgeon who has performed over seven thousand different procedures in his career to date. The support staff includes a Certified Emergency Medical Technician, A Certificated Medical Assistant, a Certified Phlebotomist and more than two expert level Advanced Certified Laser Technicians, with dietary and exercise planning offerings as well for aftercare. 

  7. Is there a fee for consultations? Yes, the fee for an initial consultation is $150.00. This is absorbed into the initial invoice and is a cost savings with your first paid procedure with Show Me Younger. 

  8. Are there age requirements?  Anyone over 18 is eligible to visit and utilize our facility.

  9. Is it gender based? Any gender is welcome to visit and request information regarding any of our procedures we offer.

  10. How long are treatment times? Time varies depending on treatments, expect to spend at least one hour for each as an estimated time. 

  11. Is insurance accepted? Since these are elective procedures, insurance is not used however we do allow Care Credit which can be interest free for six months and sometimes longer. 

  12. What procedures do you offer? We offer anything from a Brazilian Butt Lift to removing a tattoo to assisting with migraines, as well as removal of moles, port wine stains and lesions to name a few.  We can plump your lips to look amazing as well as provide a noninvasive face lift. The options we offer are almost endless. 

  13. Do we offer specials? Yes, we suggest that you keep in contact with Show Me Younger via social media including Facebook and Instagram, and other venues so that you are up to date with our current discounts.   

  14. Do you have a patient membership program that is cost saving? We offered the programs before the Covid19 epidemic and we will be reinstating in the near future.

  15. Do you offer an incentive for referrals?  Yes, when you refer another client that purchases a procedure, you get a $100 to use towards any procedure of your choice.