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Stubborn fat bothering you? Tired of ingrown hairs? Show Me Younger has the solution to both & more!

High-Definition Micro Liposuction with Radio Frequency (RF) for Abdominal Area! Minimally Invasive. This procedure allows the patient to participate in the outcome of the results by actively visiting with the doctor during the entire procedure! There are many benefits, the vibration assisted cannulas we use allow our doctors to smoothly advance through the tissue and focus on the art of sculpting. Sculpting results in a smoother, more natural appearance! Call to schedule your consultation today! 573.664.1215


High-Definition Micro Liposuction with Radio Frequency (RF) for Inner Thighs! Minimally Invasive.

This technology is a gentle process for harvesting unwanted fat with a high degree of precision. The fat can then be transferred into the breast or buttocks for a natural fat transfer and augmentation. Body sculpting is an advanced liposculpture procedure designed to remove and reshape the fat. This has major benefits in regard to skin tightening, cell viability, body etching, healing time and patient satisfaction!


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