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The story behind the man with the idea of Show Me Younger comes from a mix of European and Latin Ancestry.  A family of Physicians, Engineers, and Architects influenced Dr. Olivero into a passionate career of science, art, and technology with an enthusiastic and compassionate attitude towards his patients. He enjoys a romantic life of marriage with his beautiful wife Marisa, along with his treasured children. He is a sports enthusiast and team player. 


He graduated with honors from UFM as a Physician and Surgeon in the Central American region and performed research in Biotechnology and tenure as T.A. in Human Physiology. Influenced by his love and passion for continual learning, Dr. Olivero immigrated to the US in 2004.  He studied at UM in Miami and USF in Tampa, completed three years of General Surgical training and Intensive Care, and then shifted his studies into Preventive & Occupational medicine career with a Masters degree in Public Health, Research  & Environmental and Occupational Health. He was passionate about technological advances in health, and during one of his rotations at Cape Canaveral at NASA, he started to show curiosity and interest toward technological applications for health, such as advanced laser technologies and other biological regenerative states of the art medicine.  Dr. Olivero continues to pursue his career with an open mentality towards safety, learning, and teaching which has allowed him to set higher standards of care in his medical practice.  He has been an author in Biotechnology and is an active Diamond Member of EMT attaining ACGME certifications in Pain Management, Medical, Dermatological & Surgical Aesthetics, Laser Skin Therapy, Innovative Regenerative Biological Therapies, Autologous Fat Transfer and Anti-Aging Medicine.  This variety of Board Certifications  allow him to be one of the leaders in the field of Modern Medicine bringing the patient opportunities and solutions for diverse clinical challenges to make you look healthier and younger.

Dr. Humberto Olivero

sarah 2.jpg

Sarah is our onsite wound and skin care specialist with more than a decade of experience. As part of our talented team,  she is a dedicated Board Certified Nurse Practitioner that specializes in regenerative skin procedures with grafting and laser technology. She is an adventurous spirit who enjoys a wide variety of music and an occasional fun round of golf with her husband Joe. 

Sarah Hull

marisa olivero

As a professional engineer and marketer, Dr. Olivero's wife, Marisa, has led the way in solving 21st-century problems using creative ideas and methods. Her ability to acknowledge and solve problems is complementary to her husband's skill set. Marisa has devoted her life to supporting her family with enthusiasm and love. At Show Me Younger, she has not only become the face of the brand, but she also plays a big role in the brains of the operation. 



Kourtnie Rawlins 

Kourtnie is a devoted mother, and guardian of twin nieces. She has been born and raised in the majestic Ozark Mountains of Missouri.  


Her hobbies include co-ed softball, sand volleyball, and cheering her kids on in their sporting events. Spending quality time with the family and fiance, either at the lake or at some ball field, as they are a sports family. 

As winner of the 573 Magazine, Mommy Makeover, it was a dream come true for Kourtnie to become a part of the Show MeYounger team!


I enjoy the down-to-earth atmosphere of Show Me Younger and its dedicated team—the fact that they encourage a culture of continual medical education. We are a family here at Show Me Younger! I am grateful and joyful where my life journey is headed.  I am extremely blessed to be part of the Show Me Younger family! 


Kathy Burgess 

Kathy lives in the majestic Ozark Mountains of Missouri.  She has a beautifully blended family consisting of wonderful children and is extremely blessed with grandchildren.   


She has over twenty years of dedicated service working with Emergency Medical Services. She is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and is in training for a Certified Laser Technician. She enjoys working with Show Me Younger team while learning new skill sets and improving people’s lives.  


Her hobbies include riding UTV’s, hunting, fishing, and she is an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan. On Sundays, her family choses to enjoy quality time with one another. 

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