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If it makes you feel beautiful then do it! 💋

Show Me Younger is happy to help you achieve the look YOU want!

Call to schedule your appointment with Master Injector Dr. Humberto Olivero. Why go anywhere else, when you have a trained professional right here in Farmington, MO!

(573) 664-1215


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T Ptrsn
T Ptrsn
07 jun 2022

Threads are very painful and expensive, and I saw NO change in my face. procedure just left me swollen and bleeding from injections, and lasers

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PDO Threads can be painful, as they dissolve and help produce collagen in your face. This takes anywhere from 3-9 months for the PDO Threads to fully dissolve and produce new collagen. We have open door policy here at Show Me Younger & would be happy to assist you with any concerns you may have or results you may have. Dr. Olivero will be happy to discuss your results and options. Here at Show Me Younger we would like the opportunity to provide before and after photos, along with a follow up appointment, so we can discuss your concerns. You do have Dr. Olivero's personal phone number for any concerns you have and will be happy to discuss those with…

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